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Walking into Miss Teenage Canada for the first time was so exciting! I met so many beautiful and kind young ladies from all over the country, some traveled near and far to get to MTC and I could not respect them more enough for that. Overall, I was so excited to talk to all the girls and I was especially to see all the sponsors that were ready for us!

The 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada – Sponsor Party took place in the Meeting Room at the Edward Village Hotel in Toronto Ontario at approx 5:30 on Monday 07 Aug 2017.

Later on after the introductions and some speeches by Michelle and Rob, we had the chance to walk around and check out all the amazing sponsor tables.

The first table had our very on Sashes and Crowns which were all placed for display to be claimed.

Nine west beautiful shoes in Toronto. Our shoes from Nine West were on display and we were encouraged to try on the shoes and get our shoe sizes recorded. We get the actual shoes later this week. I was so excited to receive mine all due to the fact that I love Nine West and we had the amazing opportunity to get a pair for free! My shoes fit so great I am so excited to rock them on the stage for swim wear.

Miss Teenage Canada Sponsors are mostly small to medium size business entrepreneurs who see value in supporting this segment of society. For one reason or another this pageant is a perfect partner for each of their enterprises. think that because Miss Teenage Canada is full of opportunities for everyone, not just the contestants.

Then we had the honor to have the best dentist in Toronto, archer dental Rob himself was running the Archer Dental booth and giving away free dental supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste from the famous Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer, a local business leader who champions women in the sciences, and who has supported the pageant for many years.

Lilly Liao from Street Chic fashion magazine was there.I was so excited to met her all due to the fact that I was published withing her magazine. Lily’s team published over thirty fashion blogs, submitted by over half of the Miss Teenage Canada delegates, just last week. Then Lily gave everyone a nice new pair of earrings and they were beautiful! Her magazine is so chic and perfect for teenage girls like myself.  If I had one word of advice for Lily regarding her magazine i would say to drift the magazine towards any kind of street. My town so small and surrounded by forests so it would have been cool to use some of the dirt roads in my town.

This is a direct link to my own article on Street Chic called,  http://streetchic.ca/2017/07/28/street-chic-in-chapleau-ontario/

Dahlia DeSouza from UptotheTime Watches was present and on her table was a display of stunning time pieces from their online catalog. All pieces were beyond beautiful, the next time I need a watch I am defiantly ordering from them. In addition to receiving a necklace, we were asked to select the watch we would pick if we WON the Miss Teenage Canada title next Sunday night. That was so exciting considering that anyone of us could possibly walk away with one of their gorgeous watches.

Judy a music teacher at the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga was there running an Instagram #MTCSongSolo challenge.

Delegates were invited to select one of five instruments and record a musical performance on Instagram using the #songselfie hashtag. The prize for the video with the most likes will WIN a new cordless microphone! I found that really exciting considering that there was a lot of girls who really enjoyed singing so I thought that would be a great opportunity for them.

Hashtagio social media aggregator was set up to show the Instagram feed for #MTC2017. Just like last year, all the best shots are being collected and displayed on the website in a special Go Behind the Scenes via Instagram page. business phones, Nortel NetworksThis service is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom and all week long we are encouraged to use our cell phones and mobile devices to post our best moments using that hashtag.

Super Adorbs

Super Adorbs accessories is jewellery for women which is available online across Canada that can pair with any outfit no matter your style or occasion. Headquartered here in Toronto, the company sells online all across Canada; Superadorbs is built with feminine style for personal expression.

Super Adorbs jewellery and fashion accessories gave us all cute little gift bags filled with a pair of beautiful earrings and a stunning necklace.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/superadorbsco/

also pls add Alice Li on Facebook –
Instagram: @superadorbsco
Hashtag: #superadorbsco (Be creative with your photos!)

Social Media Contest: The contestant with the best social media coverage will win a special $70 gift pack from Super Adorbs! It will be filled with accessories and goodies! 1) Hashtag “superadorbsco” on your Instagram and Facebook posts so we can track it 2) Inbox your Miss Teenage blog post URL about us to @superadorbsco on Instagram

Extra Fun: 3 Geofilters will be available on Snapchat from 5-10pm for contestants to use and send snaps to their friends!

The table was run by Alice Li, Miss Toronto World 2017 who returned to the very room where she was a VIP delegate receiving gifts from sponsors less than a month ago. Alice placed fourth in the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada pageant.

Down below are some pictures with me with our generous sponsors and their logos.

Thanks so much for catching up with me!

Love and best regards,  Emma









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This exact time next week I will be just be finished my long 8 hour drive from northern Ontario and will be preparing for my week in Toronto. I am so happy about how far I have come in the past 8 months, I have experienced new beginnings for myself that will brighten my future. 8 months ago I was going to volleyball practices every day after school, then my life changed when I was introduced to the pageant industry for the very first time. Since then I have raised over $1,500 for two different charities, done five events to promote pageants, and received $7,100 from generous sponsors. Pageants have taught much useful information that I will carry on for the duration of my life. I have learned to excel in my organization skills, due to the fact that I am currently in High School so I have to put my best effort into my class assignments along with putting my best effort into my pageant work as well, so I defiantly learned how to manage my time effectively and wisely. Pageants have also taught me to improve in my public speaking skills since I had to go and seek my own sponsors, along with speaking on stage in front of over 300 people with also a panel of judges. I love what the pageant industry had taught me so far, I am so lucky to have been introduced to this beautiful world that I hope to live in for the rest of my life. So now I am getting ready to start a new journey as I compete for Miss Teenage Canada, whether the out come will be good or it could have been better, I will know that this time 8 months ago I was volleying on the court not knowing where my future was, but now I know what it will consist of, I am ready for my future because my future is now. Therefor, I will always be humble about what will come my way because I am so thankful for all the things that has came my way.

Love. Emma

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I had the absolute privilege to be able to capture my childhood friends beauty within a few photos. It was so easy to take these pictures of these beauties, their pictures really impressed me due to the fact that they did an amazing job modeling their clothes. My first model “O,” (the first two pictures seen below) has been my friend for 13 years. She is a beautiful young lady that has grown up surround by wilderness her entire life due to the fact that she has grown up in our small town of Chapleau. O loves to keep active, she believes it is important to have a healthy lifestyle, that is why she does physical activity everyday and is running a half marathon this August.

She modeled a stunning sun dress purchased from the store Orsay from our trip to Europe this March. This outfit would be perfect to wear to a dinner date. It is very comfortable while looking chic and classy all at the same time. The sun dress also had a settle touch that consisted of a slit rip on the middle of the dress. O presented the camera a cotton knee length dress that was a dark shade of charcoal with strips of light grays falling along the side. She also decided to wear a gentle black shoe that she got from Call it Spring, the shoe complemented the dress ever so nicely due to the fact that it did not take away from her beautiful sun dress.

We took these photos on Birth Street in Chapleau Ontario, and never would have thought that a grungy corridor would be the perfect spot to capture such beautiful images.

My second model is “M,” she has also been my friend for 13 years. M is a very stunning young lady that has also grown up in our forest surrounded town her and lived right beside the beautiful Chapleau river her whole life. M is a 5’8 beauty that spends her summer days outside with friends exploring new adventures. She loves spending her free time outside enjoying our nature filled town.

M loves seeing new things and jumping on new opportunities, this is why she has been to Florida, South Carolina twice, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I took M’s pictures on Parliament Boulevard, Chapleau Ontario.

M is wearing a casual attire that you would catch her wearing to school or walking around the streets of Chapleau with her friends.This outfit is comfy yet very cute, I am sure every girl loves being comfortable while looking stylish at the same time! Especially if you are a busy girl like M, you have to make sure you can go the entire day without feeling uncomfortable.

rural Ontario fashion shoot

If you are looking to recreate this perfect spring look, her casual blue cotton skinny jeans was purchased from American Eagle, her lacey top is from the stylish shop Garage and she paired this lovely outfit with army green shoes from Le Chateau. Working with these two models was a blast! They both presented me two very different looks, but both looks can be worn where ever and when ever, they are both comfy and stylish which is a huge plus for any teenage girl. I am so happy and proud of them due to that they have both been published in Street Chic, they are both incredibly beautiful young ladies and I am so happy to call them my friends. I am also so honored that my article has been published in Street Chic as well, it was so fun working on this article, I am hoping to do more like this in the future. Unfortunately, I do not have any behind the scene pictures, but I am sure you can imagine how fun it was to shoot this considering that we are all 17 year old girls who have been friends our whole lives.

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On July 20th I used my $1000 free photoshoot certificate that I won at Miss North Ontario for Kelly robitallie photography & design. When I arrived at the studio I was greeted by the lovely Kelly Robitalle and the amazing makeup artist Alygoo. I was so happy to finally use my gift certificate on such a special day… my birthday! Before we started shooting, Alygoo was able to give me a beautiful smokey eye and a nice polished contour. I was more than happy with my makeup, it was such a fun start to the shoot. Kelly than gave me such a wonderful birthday present by presenting me with two free photos for my 17th birthday. It was such a fun shoot due to the fact that she supplied me with my favorite deserts, I felt so spoiled! It was such a fun experience, she was very professional and I was able to walk home with 14 free pictures all thanks to Miss North Ontario. I hope to continue to have more photo shoots, I loved being in front of the camera and I sure hope that I will be able to take more pictures for future portfolios. I would recommend Kelly Robitaille photography & design to anyone who is wanting to have their pictures taken by professional photographer. Her shoots are so fun and while shooting she also teaches tips and tricks to help work the camera. I then would recommend Make-up by Aly Goo to anyone who is looking to get their makeup professionally done for a special occasion. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot! 🙂



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For only being 16 years of age, I can happily say that I have traveled around my very on country, from Alberta, to Manitoba then to Quebec. Following that, I flew down to Cuba and over to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, then drove through four states in America. I have visited towns and cities all the way around the world but the most beautiful places  I have been were sites just down my street. I absolutely love living in Northern Ontario, I have been blessed with the opportunity to have been able to grow up surrounded by the beautiful boreal forest. You will never be able to say that you are bored in my region, there are an abounding things that you can do whether it is in Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. One thing that you can do in Chapleau is that you have the opportunity to go on a nature hike on the Micheal Levesque trail. While walking through you can see what our forests have to offer in all four seasons. Also, if you are lucky enough the little birds land on you if you are still! Whether you decide to go on an afternoons hike or decide to do something else, you will always be surrounded by nature.

Every year Michipicoten first nation holds a youth and elders gathering that my family attends. It is only an hour and thirty minutes away from my home town of Chapleau but the drive is worth it! We camp right on the beach alongside the beautiful Lake Superior, the sand is white and the water is crystal clear, I have never seen anything more beautiful and I love and enjoy visiting there every year. If you camp on the beach like how my family and I do, you will be woken up by the morning waves hitting the shore. However, if you are lucky, you can catch the beach on a windy day to see the mighty waves of the great lake roar on the beach, and you can catch the beautiful colours in the sky when the sunsets along the horizon. Believe me, I have traveled eleven hours to be on the beaches in Caya Coco, Cuba. However, some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen were just an afternoons drive away from my house. Pictures never capture the beauty of something that you see in real life, so following that I do hope that everyone will have the chance to feel the white sparkling sand between their toes in the beautiful beaches in Northern Ontario.

My town is fun filled and surrounded by nature. What we are known for the most is that we won the title of Ultimate Fishing Town in 2011, we have some great lakes and some well known fishing spots to catch some mighty big fish, whether it is Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. I myself love spending my time outside fishing with my family. It is a relaxing way to spend time with the ones you love, also, there is nothing like the thrill of catching a monster fish in the lake that you swim in every summer. I have had the opportunity to learn how to fish at a young age. Fishing in my town is also a great way to watch the sunset on the lake with family and friends. I do prefer fishing in the summer, however, ice fishing in the winter is way better only because we always catch much bigger fish! We go on lakes that you can only get on during the Winter, so the pike get to grow all year until we get there to catch and release. The picture on the right was taken last year when my family and friends went out ice fishing on our secret fishing lake, as you can see in my town we can catch some monster pike! If you want to have a successful fishing trip, come over to Chapleau Ontario and you will not be disappointed by the amazing fishing stories you will be able to bring back home with you.

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To start off the 150th birthday of our beautiful country, my town held a mini parade to show our Canadian spirit. My family and I created a float covered in Canadian flags with myself and my mother to sit in the back of. It was so much fun waving to everyone in the back of my Miss North Ontario float, however it was really cold out that day but that did not let us stop showing our Canadian spirit!

After the parade was over, my family and I headed over to the beach front to celebrate in Canada Day festivities. I had the opportunity to hold a bake sale fundraiser for the Free the Children charity, I was so happy to have the tremendous support that I received from the towns people. I sold everything within my bake sale and I received tons of donations! It sure was a great way to spend the 150th birthday of our nation!

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I am so thrilled and incredibly happy to have walked in the grand entry at Chapleau High School’s Mini Powwow as Miss North Ontario! Since they considered me as royalty, I had the honor to lead the head dancers around the powwow ground as I followed the flag carriers. I am so happy that the first event I attended as Miss North Ontario 2017 was an event that pulled my community together in a way that involved my culture. I am a proud anishinaabe women from Chapleau Cree First Nation and I believe that everyone should respect others and expect one and others cultures, that is why I was so happy to be involved in the powwow because it represents everything I believe in as a First Nations women.

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Hello everyone! I am Emma. I come from a small town up in Northern Ontario where everyone is friendly and where everyone owns a fishing rod. I would consider myself to a determined young lady, I always am up for new experiences because I love making memories. Some of my hobbies include playing sports, I play: basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, and baseball. I also ski, run track and cross country, you can say I like to stay active but I believe my favourite sport has to be basketball. I love the competitive drive that it carries along with it, and since I am 5’10 I would say I have an advantage. I also love to travel, I been to the U.S.A, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. I love to explore new places and jump on new opportunities, I believe that is why I am such an active girl and I love to see new things.

Eight months ago I would have never thought I would be in the position that I am in right now! I am absolutely thrilled that I decided to try something I have never done before, and that being said I will always be proud myself for all the accomplishments I have achieved in the past months. In November, I got asked to enter the Miss North Ontario Regional Canada Pageant, I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity to build my confidence and meet new friends that were the ages from 13 to 24, so of course I was in! During my time to prepare for MNO, I have learned that I am a hard worker. I worked day and night preparing for the pageant even though it was months ahead. Although, I enjoyed every minute preparing and working hard, it was my favourite thing to do everyday.

When the big pageant weekend arrived, I have to admit, I was nervous but I was also jumping with excitement! I knew I worked hard to be where I was, but the nerves were getting to me, because not only was it my first pageant, I had no experience, I was one of the youngest ones, and lots of the other girls had some sort of pageant/modeling background. I knew that I worked hard and all I had to do from then on was try my best. When the big final pageant night arrived, I was hoping to make top 16 because I wanted to make my family proud. Then when the night went on, I was standing in the top five along side with 4 other girls. When the M.C saved “Eastern Region” and “Chapleau” for the top 2, I was shaking with excitement. When the M.C called “Eastern Region” for 1st runner up I could not believe it, I have won. Out of 40 girls, little 16 year old me won this pageant with no experience, from that moment on I knew that if I put my 100 percent effort and work my hardest, great things will come.

From that moment I knew that pageants were not over for me! I am so happy to be standing in this position that I am right now. I am beyond honored to be representing not only my town of Chapleau but Northern Ontario in this years Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. I always loved to try new things and I am especially happy that I decided to step into the pageant industry, it has opened up so many opportunities for myself and has taught me so many life changing lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to what Miss Teenage Canada will have in store for myself and my  future!

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