IMG_0246There are so many wonderful things about Northern Ontario, in specific my hometown of Sudbury Ontario. We are a community that believes in the power of diversity with our bridge of nations, promoting multiculturalism to our little town. Sudbury has over 330 fresh water lakes, including a variety of beautiful waterfalls, all aiding to the beautiful scenery Northern Ontario provides. The interesting thing about our nature beauty is that it did not always exist.

Sudbury was once called the moon, due to the destruction of the environment and pollution from the mines.

Sudbury flipped that completely around supporting re-greening initiatives! My hometown is now flourished with lush green trees and all the beauty that nature provides. 

IMG_0240As a girl that grew up at a camp in the woods, I feel connection and love for nature. I adore the natural beauties of life. This connection to nature plays part into what I feel my hometown has the most to offer. Most of Sudbury is around the beautiful Ramsey Lake. This remarkable lake provides home to various iconic items such as Science North, Sudbury Sail and Yacht club, Sudbury Kayak and Canoe Club, Sudbury Outdoor Amphitheatre and the infamous Bell Park Board Walk. 

IMG_0243Ramsey Lake is one of my favourite places to go. I generally walk the Bell Park Board Walk everyday, enjoying the natural world around me but it also allows me time to myself to think and love all that I have and am. The Bell ParkIMG_0244 Board Walk wraps along Ramsey Lake, and even over the water in front of Science North. This glorious walk allows you to take in the beauty in nature all while being a short distance from the core of Sudbury. 

Even in the winter we get the chance to enjoy the lake with the set up of the Ramsey Skating Rink. This path often wraps along the Board Walk providing a beautiful skate in the cold Northern Winters. In the winter again the lake holds place for the annual Pond Hockey on the Rocks. Combining the natural environment and the love for the good ol’ hockey game Sudbury came up with this great event. This event is a charity fundraiser for local charities of variety every year. Teams sign up to play 3 on 3 hockey on the lake all in support of charity work!

Until 2001, Ramsey Lake was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest lake located entirely within the boundaries of a single city!

IMG_0253This wonderful place holds home to the annual Canada Day festivities along with a firework show brought by Science North. Home to the Northern Lights Festival Boreal, a festival featuring music and cultural vendors of the north. Music festivals and artists venture to preform at the outdoor amphitheatre just off the edge of the lake. 

In all, I think Sudbury’s biggest attraction is our lakes, in specific Ramsey Lake!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Love, Madison.

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