First day raising money for Free the Children

Free the Children is definitely an organization worth supporting and one that I am glad to promote! This weekend I was lucky enough to get into Wal-Mart and asked for donations. Both Saturday and today (Sunday) I stood by the entrance from 9-5 while I had two little girls from my dance studio and my brother come out and help. Overall, every shopper was pleasant and impressed at our efforts. Some even remembered me there from before raising money for the Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer back in February!

Children helping children- with Maeve

Every day, there is an average of 3000 people that visit this particular Wal-Mart. Even though not all of them made donations, I knew that it would also be the perfect opportunity to not only promote Free the Children, but I also made “business cards” (refer to figure 1) that promoted Miss Teen Canada- World as well. In the end, I was able to reach 5000- 6000 people by handing them out!

Some of my favourite moments included, drawing the posters, taking pictures with some of my “fans” and l had the absolute pleasure of listening to a man’s experience over in Kenya. Regardless of already knowing quite a bit of the basics, as one of my friends is opening an orphanage over there, I was still amazed by his story. Feeling inspired and making a difference is an amazing feeling.

I would like to give thanks to Wal-Mart, my mom, dad and brother for coming out and helping this weekend, as well as a special thanks to Madison and Maeve. I hope you girls enjoy the crowns I gave you! You all did an amazing job and helped to make it a very successful fundraiser!

Figure 1- Fundraiser "business card"

Free the Children- Children helping Children!





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2 Responses to Free the Children Fundraising: Part 1

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    great stuff. great post with great links to charity.. but did you see the very first link you put in the post ? Do you see how the free the children URL to which you actually link has 36 characters of alphanumeric gibberish at the end, after the .com? Well that could be eliminated. It would not be tolerated by professional social media marketing agencies here in Toronto – blog editors like tidy links. Also there is something funny with the P on pageant in your link to MTCW main website. Just chop off the word pageant. Down here we say the 2012 Search for Miss Teen Canada – World..when we talk about the actual July 21st event

  2. Nichelle Thomson says:

    Okay 🙂 I will be writing another blog soon and I will try my best to make my next blog(s) spotless! Again, I really appreciate the tips!

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