The poster I made and drew to promote FTC

Today was my second fundraiser for Free The Children held at Neil’s Independent Grocer. By fundraising at both ends of the city (south end Wal-Mart in Sudbury then Neil’s north of Sudbury), it allows me to reach a new crowd.

From 9-5pm, we asked for donation. I also had a ‘little helper’ stand by the exit to ask the people I missed on their way in. Teamwork at its finest! While not everyone gave donations, I still handed out my ‘business cards’ (refer to figure 1) to take the opportunity to inform 2000+ people of my title, Free The Children and MTC-W.  For the most part, people were very generous, especially those who recognized me from my last pageant’s fundraiser, Northern Ontario Families Children with Cancer.

Tomorrow it will be a busy day as I will be raising money at Neil’s Independent as well as participating in the Hockey Night in Canada Play On ball hockey tournament.  It was a very successful day; I hope tomorrow is just as good!

Figure 1

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