Hello everyone! I am Emma. I come from a small town up in Northern Ontario where everyone is friendly and where everyone owns a fishing rod. I would consider myself to a determined young lady, I always am up for new experiences because I love making memories. Some of my hobbies include playing sports, I play: basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, and baseball. I also ski, run track and cross country, you can say I like to stay active but I believe my favourite sport has to be basketball. I love the competitive drive that it carries along with it, and since I am 5’10 I would say I have an advantage. I also love to travel, I been to the U.S.A, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. I love to explore new places and jump on new opportunities, I believe that is why I am such an active girl and I love to see new things.

Eight months ago I would have never thought I would be in the position that I am in right now! I am absolutely thrilled that I decided to try something I have never done before, and that being said I will always be proud myself for all the accomplishments I have achieved in the past months. In November, I got asked to enter the Miss North Ontario Regional Canada Pageant, I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity to build my confidence and meet new friends that were the ages from 13 to 24, so of course I was in! During my time to prepare for MNO, I have learned that I am a hard worker. I worked day and night preparing for the pageant even though it was months ahead. Although, I enjoyed every minute preparing and working hard, it was my favourite thing to do everyday.

When the big pageant weekend arrived, I have to admit, I was nervous but I was also jumping with excitement! I knew I worked hard to be where I was, but the nerves were getting to me, because not only was it my first pageant, I had no experience, I was one of the youngest ones, and lots of the other girls had some sort of pageant/modeling background. I knew that I worked hard and all I had to do from then on was try my best. When the big final pageant night arrived, I was hoping to make top 16 because I wanted to make my family proud. Then when the night went on, I was standing in the top five along side with 4 other girls. When the M.C saved “Eastern Region” and “Chapleau” for the top 2, I was shaking with excitement. When the M.C called “Eastern Region” for 1st runner up I could not believe it, I have won. Out of 40 girls, little 16 year old me won this pageant with no experience, from that moment on I knew that if I put my 100 percent effort and work my hardest, great things will come.

From that moment I knew that pageants were not over for me! I am so happy to be standing in this position that I am right now. I am beyond honored to be representing not only my town of Chapleau but Northern Ontario in this years Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. I always loved to try new things and I am especially happy that I decided to step into the pageant industry, it has opened up so many opportunities for myself and has taught me so many life changing lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to what Miss Teenage Canada will have in store for myself and my  future!

Written by: Emma

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