A side from promoting my platform of bringing awareness to mental health, my goal is to help fight child obesity knowing it’s at an all time high. My Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video is only a sneak preview of what a real class is like… A LOT OF FUN!! Zumbatomic (zumba for kids) is a great way to get children up and moving without even knowing its exercising! TheLook Good Do Good Feel Good Video Challenge was sponsored by Aveda Institute Professional Hair and Make-up School in Canada .

Dance, dance.... STOP

Behind the Scenes: “It could’ve been worse…”

"Zumba your way to a healthy life!"

A common cliché for an unfortunate scene in a cartoon or movie is for a character to state, “Well, it could be worse…” and then it begins to rain or something. The movie ‘Al Dorado’ comes to mind. The point of this basically proves that even though a situation seems bad at the time, more often than not it gets better and turns into something that you can laugh about later. My particular “It could’ve been worse…” day went something like this;

Event #1- I ended up purchasing a much-needed new video camera a couple days before I was scheduled to shoot the video. But everyday that went by was a panic to try to successfully figure out how to operate the thing smoothly. Result- We figured it out about an hour prior to leaving.

Event#2- Shooting the video was a piece of cake compared to figuring out how to cut and combine the videos. If only the computer could be as cooperative as the kids! From downloading new software to figuring out how to copy it over to the desktop, they sure don’t make it easy. Result- It took about 3-4 hours! But hey, at least I’m happy with the results.

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