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IMG_3247I was beyond thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for Nationals this year. I am this years Miss North Ontario! I was crowned this title on May 14, one of my most amazing achievements thus far in life. This is a pageant held in Northern Ontario, and unlike the other prerequisite pageants, it holds an age group varying from 13-24. Offering selection to attend either Miss Teenage Canada or Miss Universe Canada. I was privileged to compete against 43 beautiful women inside and out. With my hard work and dedication I won the title, and currently stand as Miss North Ontario 2016.

Now aside from my love for pageants let me tell you a little about myself!

My name is Madison, and I am from Sudbury, Ontario. I stand 5’7 tall with blue/green eyes, and soft brown hair. Interesting fact about me is that my eyes change colour according to my mood! If I’m sad my eyes turn baby blue, if I’m happy they turn green, and if I’m angry they turn to a hazel. Pretty neat right? My eyebrows are thick and different from your average teenaged girl but I love them, they help me stand out! My modelling sparked because an agent loved how different they were! I now am signed with the agency of Peggi LePage, and if it wasn’t for pageantry I would never have gotten into modelling! I’m a typical Northern girl that loves to camp and go fishing, but on the inside I’m a city lover as well.

13339625_1022186347829696_2297584106670071300_nThis year was my final year of high school, I actually graduated on Monday. Graduating from Lockerby Composite as a Viking Scholar for 4 years, within the 90% club and received awards for sociology and english. Now my next step is to attend Queens University in the fall for pre-law on an academic scholarship!! My dream is to become a lawyer, and specialize in the entertainment industry. Education is extremely important to me. I work very hard for the marks I receive and I stay involved within my school and community. I stay involved through sports such as; soccer, dance, swim, flag football, track and cross country. I am involved through committees such as; Students’ Council, Athletic Association, B3, and many more!

These are a few things about me! Please join me on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada. Before I go I want to leave you with my favourite quote. A quote that inspires me to be the best I can be to achieve my inner happiness.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will succeed.”



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