As you can imagine, the final few days preparing to leave for the pageant can be quite stressful for everyone! Yesterday, in between trying to finish all the requirements that we have to complete come arrival time on the 14th, I had an interview with the Northern Life. The Northern Life is one of the most popular newspapers in Sudbury so it was a perfect opportunity to showcase MTC-W, myself and of course to try to set the record straight about what pageants are really all about! You need more than looks to win a crown! Click here to read the article. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Miss Teen North Ontario in the Newspaper: The Northern Life

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hey looking good Nichelle. before I click away and read the article I do hope that I will find the URL to your blog hyper linked there. Someone is going to win most popular blog for July and that will indeed be a big accomplishment as this is traditionally the busiest month on the blog network.

  2. Jennifer Huard says:

    Congratulations Nichelle and best of luck in your quest to become Canada’s next beauty and goodwill ambassador! The sky’s the limit! You go girl!
    The Huard Family

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