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My first Co-op- ATRC

At first working at the ATRC Athletic Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre started as a co-op. But when I finished all my hours to get the two credits, I continued going and volunteered an average of 15 hours a week to help people who suffer from chronic pain and/or sport injuries. From having treatment there myself a couple years ago, I felt good that I was able to give back in bettering people’s physical health.

The treatment I received there was for a muscle I pulled in my foot while on stage at a dance competition in 2010. Although I was not able to dance for most of the summer that year, I believe it was a blessing in disguise. My positive experience from having athletic therapy treatment is actually the main reason why I want to pursue this career that I would most likely not know existed today if I hadn’t been injured. Isn’t it funny how things work out?

All in all, I volunteered close to 250 hours this year! Stick around to find out what else I did to get these hours from my future blogs in the “My Community Involvement 2011/2012” series!

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2 Responses to My Community Involvement 2011/2012: Part 2

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Its all real good but ATRC Athletic Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre deserves a link to their website I think.

    • Nichelle Thomson says:

      Thanks a lot, and I was planning on it, but when North Anti-Virus didn’t have it “okayed” I didn’t want to take the chance and give anyone viruses (my Dad’s strict about that as well lol).

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