For only being 16 years of age, I can happily say that I have traveled around my very on country, from Alberta, to Manitoba then to Quebec. Following that, I flew down to Cuba and over to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, then drove through four states in America. I have visited towns and cities all the way around the world but the most beautiful places  I have been were sites just down my street. I absolutely love living in Northern Ontario, I have been blessed with the opportunity to have been able to grow up surrounded by the beautiful boreal forest. You will never be able to say that you are bored in my region, there are an abounding things that you can do whether it is in Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. One thing that you can do in Chapleau is that you have the opportunity to go on a nature hike on the Micheal Levesque trail. While walking through you can see what our forests have to offer in all four seasons. Also, if you are lucky enough the little birds land on you if you are still! Whether you decide to go on an afternoons hike or decide to do something else, you will always be surrounded by nature.

Every year Michipicoten first nation holds a youth and elders gathering that my family attends. It is only an hour and thirty minutes away from my home town of Chapleau but the drive is worth it! We camp right on the beach alongside the beautiful Lake Superior, the sand is white and the water is crystal clear, I have never seen anything more beautiful and I love and enjoy visiting there every year. If you camp on the beach like how my family and I do, you will be woken up by the morning waves hitting the shore. However, if you are lucky, you can catch the beach on a windy day to see the mighty waves of the great lake roar on the beach, and you can catch the beautiful colours in the sky when the sunsets along the horizon. Believe me, I have traveled eleven hours to be on the beaches in Caya Coco, Cuba. However, some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen were just an afternoons drive away from my house. Pictures never capture the beauty of something that you see in real life, so following that I do hope that everyone will have the chance to feel the white sparkling sand between their toes in the beautiful beaches in Northern Ontario.

My town is fun filled and surrounded by nature. What we are known for the most is that we won the title of Ultimate Fishing Town in 2011, we have some great lakes and some well known fishing spots to catch some mighty big fish, whether it is Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. I myself love spending my time outside fishing with my family. It is a relaxing way to spend time with the ones you love, also, there is nothing like the thrill of catching a monster fish in the lake that you swim in every summer. I have had the opportunity to learn how to fish at a young age. Fishing in my town is also a great way to watch the sunset on the lake with family and friends. I do prefer fishing in the summer, however, ice fishing in the winter is way better only because we always catch much bigger fish! We go on lakes that you can only get on during the Winter, so the pike get to grow all year until we get there to catch and release. The picture on the right was taken last year when my family and friends went out ice fishing on our secret fishing lake, as you can see in my town we can catch some monster pike! If you want to have a successful fishing trip, come over to Chapleau Ontario and you will not be disappointed by the amazing fishing stories you will be able to bring back home with you.

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To start off the 150th birthday of our beautiful country, my town held a mini parade to show our Canadian spirit. My family and I created a float covered in Canadian flags with myself and my mother to sit in the back of. It was so much fun waving to everyone in the back of my Miss North Ontario float, however it was really cold out that day but that did not let us stop showing our Canadian spirit!

After the parade was over, my family and I headed over to the beach front to celebrate in Canada Day festivities. I had the opportunity to hold a bake sale fundraiser for the Free the Children charity, I was so happy to have the tremendous support that I received from the towns people. I sold everything within my bake sale and I received tons of donations! It sure was a great way to spend the 150th birthday of our nation!

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I am so thrilled and incredibly happy to have walked in the grand entry at Chapleau High School’s Mini Powwow as Miss North Ontario! Since they considered me as royalty, I had the honor to lead the head dancers around the powwow ground as I followed the flag carriers. I am so happy that the first event I attended as Miss North Ontario 2017 was an event that pulled my community together in a way that involved my culture. I am a proud anishinaabe women from Chapleau Cree First Nation and I believe that everyone should respect others and expect one and others cultures, that is why I was so happy to be involved in the powwow because it represents everything I believe in as a First Nations women.

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Hello everyone! I am Emma. I come from a small town up in Northern Ontario where everyone is friendly and where everyone owns a fishing rod. I would consider myself to a determined young lady, I always am up for new experiences because I love making memories. Some of my hobbies include playing sports, I play: basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, and baseball. I also ski, run track and cross country, you can say I like to stay active but I believe my favourite sport has to be basketball. I love the competitive drive that it carries along with it, and since I am 5’10 I would say I have an advantage. I also love to travel, I been to the U.S.A, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. I love to explore new places and jump on new opportunities, I believe that is why I am such an active girl and I love to see new things.

Eight months ago I would have never thought I would be in the position that I am in right now! I am absolutely thrilled that I decided to try something I have never done before, and that being said I will always be proud myself for all the accomplishments I have achieved in the past months. In November, I got asked to enter the Miss North Ontario Regional Canada Pageant, I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity to build my confidence and meet new friends that were the ages from 13 to 24, so of course I was in! During my time to prepare for MNO, I have learned that I am a hard worker. I worked day and night preparing for the pageant even though it was months ahead. Although, I enjoyed every minute preparing and working hard, it was my favourite thing to do everyday.

When the big pageant weekend arrived, I have to admit, I was nervous but I was also jumping with excitement! I knew I worked hard to be where I was, but the nerves were getting to me, because not only was it my first pageant, I had no experience, I was one of the youngest ones, and lots of the other girls had some sort of pageant/modeling background. I knew that I worked hard and all I had to do from then on was try my best. When the big final pageant night arrived, I was hoping to make top 16 because I wanted to make my family proud. Then when the night went on, I was standing in the top five along side with 4 other girls. When the M.C saved “Eastern Region” and “Chapleau” for the top 2, I was shaking with excitement. When the M.C called “Eastern Region” for 1st runner up I could not believe it, I have won. Out of 40 girls, little 16 year old me won this pageant with no experience, from that moment on I knew that if I put my 100 percent effort and work my hardest, great things will come.

From that moment I knew that pageants were not over for me! I am so happy to be standing in this position that I am right now. I am beyond honored to be representing not only my town of Chapleau but Northern Ontario in this years Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. I always loved to try new things and I am especially happy that I decided to step into the pageant industry, it has opened up so many opportunities for myself and has taught me so many life changing lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to what Miss Teenage Canada will have in store for myself and my  future!

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Strap on those heels and work that smile. Miss Teenage Canada 2016 is here!

After a long 5 hour trek from the Northern atmosphere, I have made it to Toronto for Miss Teenage Canada. I took my very first steps into a large ball room at the Holiday Inn with my excessive amounts of luggage and dress bags, only to be welcome with the sweetest of smiles and kindest of welcomes. A few hours of laugher, getting to know my other nation representatives, a few games of Heads Up and I instantly felt at home with my friends. The girls here are some of the most kind and warmhearted people I’ve met and its only been one day! What an impression they had on me!


Miss Teenage Alberta and I getting our roomie bonding on!

After a few hours of waiting to be checked in I started to get nervous, what if my roommate is mean – although none of the girls seemed mean so far – you can’t help but wonder. What if she like tries to ruin my dress or anything!! My mind was racing, but when Michelle called my Name and Miss Teenage Alberta – Cholé and she is the sweetest, and one of the most beautiful girls here. I instantly felt relieved when we bonded over similar interests and the passion to help others. We got our selves dolled up and ready to go to the Sponsor Evening!

All 56 girls crowed into the ball room dolled up, beautiful as ever, surrounded by various gifts and sponsored events which was so enlightening to see. I truly felt like a princess in that moment, not only because I had a crown on my head.

IMG_0443When they told us to begin going to stations I instantly gravitated towards our provincial sashes. Lined up on a table showing BC to Nova Scotia, and in that moment I realized I was among a set of girls all across Canada, some even travelling over 3000km away from home to be here, yeah thats you BC girls!!

I grabbed my Ontario sash and I instantly got excited for the many events this weeks, and the amazing opportunities ahead of me.


Lets bring the crown home Ontario!


#nuvango girls!

I started off going to the NUVANGO station. The bright coloured clothes pulled me in and I just couldn’t resist going there first! The cute woman behind the table was explaining that the designs of the shirts and leggings were street art designs and they were so beautiful! As an artist I loved and appreciated the work, and grabbed a pair of leggings that had a city skyline on it in graffiti style. They were so cute! I’m so excited that we get to visit their facility on Tuesday, make sure to check out their amazing products on Every athletic girl has to get her #nuvangostyle on!! 


Satisfying my sweet tooth with SWEETS CANADA

My sweet tooth didn’t keep me away from the SWEETS CANADA station for very long. Sam Dhutia and his sweeter smile pulled me in, not only because he had a tray of assorted chocolates! Yummy milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate all such vibrant flavours, some even containing delicious edible flowers in them, how cool? I grabbed the Dark Chocolate Cranberry Lavender Petals bar, the crunch of the dark chocolate mixed with the chewy cranberry and lavender aroma I couldn’t resist!

IMG_0494HASHTAGIO  made it so easy to see all the beautiful posts from the Miss Teenage Canada girls when they has tagged #MissTeenageCanada2016. All of the photos that night were up on a screen to show case our amazing social media skills!Hashtagio is a cool Social Media Aggregator that helps us Miss Teenage Canada girls show off our amazing sponsors!


Going for a Birdie?

I had to get my competitive vibe on, and BRADLEE RYALL GOLF ACADEMY had the perfect fix for me. They set up this fun mini golf area and I got to test my golfing skills and let me tell you, golfing is definitely not a future career in me. I couldn’t even get it in the small range they set up, whoops! Hopefully when we go to their facility on Wednesday they can teach me some more skills, and maybe get a few actually in the hole. Check out Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy at six golf courses west of Toronto!


Diva baby

To get ready for my sweet game of golf on Wednesday I needed some shades to help protect me from the sun on that day, and V.P.I CANADA had me covered! I grabbed these sleek patterned round framed sunglasses   that showed of the woman in me, perfect for my sense of style. Although I fell in love with these diva glasses they had so many options, colourful ones, ones with metal accents, even aviators. These sunglasses severe quality at an affordable price! Thanks VPI Canada, I’ll make you proud!


Don’t hit me!!

After the sunglasses fun in the corner of my eye I caught a bow and arrow. How cool! Last time I used a bow and arrow was when I was ten in Dominican in a kids day event. I was so excited to find out we were sponsored by ARCHERS ARENA. Some of the girls Northern girls played around with the arrow to take these cool picks, but I can’t wait for the real Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena on Thursday. Can I get a team Madison for #archerytag???


The beautiful packaging for their body butter.

GOLDEN GLAMOUR GODDESSES gave us silky smooth skin with their homemade body butter, and offering us the best sunless spray tan  and eye lash extension options.

The sponsors night was a blast! It was so much fun to get to know so many beautiful girls inside and out. The sponsors treated us like the princesses we are, but this isn’t all of them! Throughout the week we get to meet our other sponsors of:

archer dental logo ARCHER DENTAL preparing us with pearly whites for the final show.

RIMMEL LondonRIMMEL LONDON giving us the beauty must haves to maintain our pageant glows.


Sally HansenSALLY HANSEN providing the best of the best make up products.



Bata Shoe Museum

BATA SHOE MUSEUM and like any girl, who doesn’t love shoes???





Yogen Fruz logo

YOGEN FRUZ my favourite frozen yogurt ever, I cannot explain how excited I am for this!!

Storia PR

STORIA PR INC. Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto providing us the public media needed to amplify our presence here in Toronto!

In all, this week started with a bang. I’ve met amazing girls and I can’t wait to see where the week will take us!!


Sarah and I reuniting!

Thanks for joining me on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada 2016!

Love, Madison.

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This year the delegates have the chance to use their technological skills and design the new13711546_1080308412045327_343193620_o pull up poster for the Miss Teenage Canada Organization. All thanks to Sign Source Solution for donating a roll-up banner! Now I got super excited when I heard this challenge because I love art with everything in me. I draw, paint, and even do mehndi art! So I originally took on this blog assignment and drew out this lovely drawing of a pageant queen, with the MTC crown and used the Miss Teenage Canada slogan of, “Be your own kind of Beautiful.” I was so happy with the beautiful drawing but then when I transferred it to the computer it just wasn’t right. Since the drawing was done in a specific style with a pen, the computer made it look choppy and I knew that it wasn’t fit for a pull up banner.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.45.25 PMI pulled my socks up and used my student council poster making skills and went back to the drawing board. This time I stuck to electronic photos and designs. With this I was able to design a clean and crisp pull up poster that effectively shows what Miss Teenage Canada is about. I’m proud to say I am a delegate competing for the title of Miss Teenage Canada. This program prepares excellent women, inspires women, pushing women to be exceptional through standing up and standing out, and finally encouraging women to make a difference! I hope you enjoy my design!

Thanks for reading up with Miss Teenage Northern Ontario!

Love, Madison.

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IMG_0246There are so many wonderful things about Northern Ontario, in specific my hometown of Sudbury Ontario. We are a community that believes in the power of diversity with our bridge of nations, promoting multiculturalism to our little town. Sudbury has over 330 fresh water lakes, including a variety of beautiful waterfalls, all aiding to the beautiful scenery Northern Ontario provides. The interesting thing about our nature beauty is that it did not always exist.

Sudbury was once called the moon, due to the destruction of the environment and pollution from the mines.

Sudbury flipped that completely around supporting re-greening initiatives! My hometown is now flourished with lush green trees and all the beauty that nature provides. 

IMG_0240As a girl that grew up at a camp in the woods, I feel connection and love for nature. I adore the natural beauties of life. This connection to nature plays part into what I feel my hometown has the most to offer. Most of Sudbury is around the beautiful Ramsey Lake. This remarkable lake provides home to various iconic items such as Science North, Sudbury Sail and Yacht club, Sudbury Kayak and Canoe Club, Sudbury Outdoor Amphitheatre and the infamous Bell Park Board Walk. 

IMG_0243Ramsey Lake is one of my favourite places to go. I generally walk the Bell Park Board Walk everyday, enjoying the natural world around me but it also allows me time to myself to think and love all that I have and am. The Bell ParkIMG_0244 Board Walk wraps along Ramsey Lake, and even over the water in front of Science North. This glorious walk allows you to take in the beauty in nature all while being a short distance from the core of Sudbury. 

Even in the winter we get the chance to enjoy the lake with the set up of the Ramsey Skating Rink. This path often wraps along the Board Walk providing a beautiful skate in the cold Northern Winters. In the winter again the lake holds place for the annual Pond Hockey on the Rocks. Combining the natural environment and the love for the good ol’ hockey game Sudbury came up with this great event. This event is a charity fundraiser for local charities of variety every year. Teams sign up to play 3 on 3 hockey on the lake all in support of charity work!

Until 2001, Ramsey Lake was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest lake located entirely within the boundaries of a single city!

IMG_0253This wonderful place holds home to the annual Canada Day festivities along with a firework show brought by Science North. Home to the Northern Lights Festival Boreal, a festival featuring music and cultural vendors of the north. Music festivals and artists venture to preform at the outdoor amphitheatre just off the edge of the lake. 

In all, I think Sudbury’s biggest attraction is our lakes, in specific Ramsey Lake!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Love, Madison.

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IMG_0120 copyIMG_0218In Northern Ontario it offers both outdoor adventures but as well as the city life. With this I am thankful that part of me is a country loving outdoorsy girl. I don’t know many other delegates that can hunt, fish and be okay with an inch of mud on them but also rock the stage. The thing that I am grateful for is that this allows me to be adventurous. I’m always looking to try new things, take chances and never pass up on amazing opportunities. 

IMG_0228The only  issue with living up North is that its hard to get city opportunities or chances to work in the modern world. Northern Ontario isn’t as developed in the pageant or modelling world, so this makes it difficult for me to have gotten exposure to this world. When I was 15 a modelling agency scouted me through Instagram! Thats the only reason I got my break into the entertainment world is because of social media. This barrier of distance wouldn’t stop me though. With a mentality of never giving up on opportunities, when I was given the chance to go to Toronto for a week to model I couldn’t pass it up. After 3 years of communication with the agent in Toronto and working with local artists in the North, I knew the exposure I needed in the modelling world was a trip away from my small hometown. But let me tell you the adventurer in me was beyond excited for this opportunity on my own. 

I spent the last week in Toronto working intensely with multipleIMG_0186 artists for 7 days straight. I can certainly say I was happy to come IMG_0191home and sleep for a few days, but the determination in me was devoted to going into every shoot with the most professional attitude and always ready to work. I worked with Toronto photographers such as Alice Xue, Raad Rahman, Roland Guballa and Marco Pedri. As well as many other amazing artists. Peggi had me working hard, exposing me to how hard the modelling world is, but boy did I ever love it. 

After this week working in Toronto my photos came out beautiful, at least thats what my mom says, ahah! It was agreed by my agent Peggi LePage that I suit this E-Com look. Which is very modern, hipster and clothing brand suited. Now that we have developed my modelling book, we are looking into possible placements over seas!! Due to my height of only 5’7 its hard to breakout into the modelling world. With this I need to start in the smaller markets of Asian, then if I get the success over there I can possibly go to the bigger markets like Milan, Europe and USA. There are successful short models and this is was motivates me. I can do it. There is a chance and I will work my little bum off to make it. If not I will take my experience and use it in the entertainment industry of Law. 

IMG_0156IMG_0185Aside from modelling everyday I got a bit of free time between shoots to adventure around Toronto on my own. I managed to master the subway and streetcars only after going the wrong way the first few times! I walked the streets of Yonge and Queens Street West, spending a little too  much money at all the local shops. My favourite thing from the trip was that the condo I was staying in was on the west end of town just of Queens Street West. The place I was staying in was on top of an art gallery! It was so perfect for me as an art lover. The condo was in the area filled with vintage shops, vegan restaurants and fresh fruit and vegetable markets on every block. Now as a vegetarian from a small town that doesn’t know what that is, I was so grateful to eat amazing food geared for my lifestyle. It was so inspiring to see so many local or family fun business. In Sudbury we’re filled with chain restaurants and stores that limit the chance for an authentic experience. 

The city of Toronto is absolutely stunning. from the gorgeous views of the CN Tower, the IMG_0122 (1)view from Toronto Island of the city over the water, to the little things like the gardens in High Park and the Graffiti artwork on street ways. As an art lover I instantly gravitate to any form of art. And let me tell you, the graffiti in Toronto is incredible. I know some people don’t believe that graffiti is artwork but let me tell you I IMG_0141sure do. Its amazing to think someone could do that with a spray can, were as I can barely paint with a paint brush! The views, the views, the views… As a country girl I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in the outdoors, cityscape or landscape, its all stunning to me. Toronto offers is both. Even deep in the city the various parks offer the beauty of the outdoors, making this town even more compelling to a girl like me.

IMG_0222IMG_0225In all, I can certainly say I fell in love with the city life of Toronto. It was so disheartening to come home but the fact that MTC is in less then 7 days keeps me going, knowing I’ll be back in the city of dreams. I learned so much about myself that week. I learned I was an adventurer that took joy in getting lost. I appreciated the little things like the bright lights at night, or the little ferry ride to Toronto Island. I stopped looking at my feet when I walked, and took a look at the beautiful world around me and boy, was it ever beautiful. My roots are filled with country loving, but in my heart I’m a true city girl. 

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love, Madison.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.33.55 PMLet me tell you, I am one proud Canadian. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. We offer so much. From our snowy mountain ranges to sunny beaches, nature valley’s to city landscapes; we have it all! In specific to my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario we have beautiful hiking trials to satisfy any adventurer, over 330 fresh water lakes to catch the freshest meal to plate, but also an urbanized city with a wonderful night life. Within a 20 minute drive I can leave the city life and camp offshore and go fishing for the weekend. Its truly amazing. 

Canada is a nation filled with multiculturalism. Even on its own birthday it celebrates other cultures. In my hometown at our Canada Day celebrations, many different cultures came together in support of our wonderful nation. It was so cool to witnesses such unity and bonding. 

I love Canada not only because of its landscape but the opportunities it offers all. A nation with Rights and Freedoms, allowing any person to express themselves, love themselves, and be themselves without fear. We are a nation that celebrates love in all forms. I even got to witness the Pride Parade here in Toronto a few days ago and watching our beloved prime minister rock that parade made me so proud to call this my home.

We believe in helping other nations, thus giving us the nickname of the peacemaking country. We have helped several nations in war efforts, disaster relief, charitable aid and physical aid. In all we are a country deserving of our happy and peaceful stereotype. I won’t lie, I can’t go a day with out saying “Sorry” or “Please and Thank You” and I couldn’t be more happy about it. 

Have a great day everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read up with Miss Teenage Northern Ontario 2016. 

Catch you later!

 Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.36.45 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.36.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.35.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.35.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.35.26 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.35.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.35.06 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.34.56 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.34.44 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.34.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.34.07 PM

Written by: Madison
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