Hello wonderful people! What a weekend I had last weekend, not only did I graduate and had prom but my two most favourite events of the year happened.



Relay For life & ALS Walk



Relay for Life holds a big piece in my heart. Many have been touched by cancer, family, friends, or maybe you even had your battle with such a sad disease. In my situation I lost my Grandma and my Grandfather. The most influential was the loss of my grandma because it happened so fast. One day she was her loving self then the next she was going under a major surgery to find what was wrong with her. Which happened to be cancer. I have been volunteering for the Canadian Cancer society a majority of my life, they are an amazing program and help so many people in the fight against cancer.



In this picture I gave this adorable young girl the chance to wear my crown because she asked, not because it was too heavy on my head, haha. Just Kidding!



The next day I had the ALS Walk in support of my Miss North Ontario sister Keatha. She had lost a family member to such a sad disease. I have been touched by this disease as well, not so much in a personal way but in elementary I witnessed my friend experience the disease as he lost his father from it. This disease essentially removes the part of you that makes you, you! I was so sad to know that this could happen to such a loving father.

Volunteering is super important on a morale level but as well as just giving back to the community. I adore programs like ALS Walk and Relay for Life that take the time and effort to put on these events in support of such amazing causes. When we work together we can accomplish amazing things.

Now as I wrap up my last few exams of high school, you’ll hear a lot more from me in the journey to Miss Teenage Canada.

Have a beautiful day everyone! ♡


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