IMG_0120 copyIMG_0218In Northern Ontario it offers both outdoor adventures but as well as the city life. With this I am thankful that part of me is a country loving outdoorsy girl. I don’t know many other delegates that can hunt, fish and be okay with an inch of mud on them but also rock the stage. The thing that I am grateful for is that this allows me to be adventurous. I’m always looking to try new things, take chances and never pass up on amazing opportunities. 

IMG_0228The only  issue with living up North is that its hard to get city opportunities or chances to work in the modern world. Northern Ontario isn’t as developed in the pageant or modelling world, so this makes it difficult for me to have gotten exposure to this world. When I was 15 a modelling agency scouted me through Instagram! Thats the only reason I got my break into the entertainment world is because of social media. This barrier of distance wouldn’t stop me though. With a mentality of never giving up on opportunities, when I was given the chance to go to Toronto for a week to model I couldn’t pass it up. After 3 years of communication with the agent in Toronto and working with local artists in the North, I knew the exposure I needed in the modelling world was a trip away from my small hometown. But let me tell you the adventurer in me was beyond excited for this opportunity on my own. 

I spent the last week in Toronto working intensely with multipleIMG_0186 artists for 7 days straight. I can certainly say I was happy to come IMG_0191home and sleep for a few days, but the determination in me was devoted to going into every shoot with the most professional attitude and always ready to work. I worked with Toronto photographers such as Alice Xue, Raad Rahman, Roland Guballa and Marco Pedri. As well as many other amazing artists. Peggi had me working hard, exposing me to how hard the modelling world is, but boy did I ever love it. 

After this week working in Toronto my photos came out beautiful, at least thats what my mom says, ahah! It was agreed by my agent Peggi LePage that I suit this E-Com look. Which is very modern, hipster and clothing brand suited. Now that we have developed my modelling book, we are looking into possible placements over seas!! Due to my height of only 5’7 its hard to breakout into the modelling world. With this I need to start in the smaller markets of Asian, then if I get the success over there I can possibly go to the bigger markets like Milan, Europe and USA. There are successful short models and this is was motivates me. I can do it. There is a chance and I will work my little bum off to make it. If not I will take my experience and use it in the entertainment industry of Law. 

IMG_0156IMG_0185Aside from modelling everyday I got a bit of free time between shoots to adventure around Toronto on my own. I managed to master the subway and streetcars only after going the wrong way the first few times! I walked the streets of Yonge and Queens Street West, spending a little too  much money at all the local shops. My favourite thing from the trip was that the condo I was staying in was on the west end of town just of Queens Street West. The place I was staying in was on top of an art gallery! It was so perfect for me as an art lover. The condo was in the area filled with vintage shops, vegan restaurants and fresh fruit and vegetable markets on every block. Now as a vegetarian from a small town that doesn’t know what that is, I was so grateful to eat amazing food geared for my lifestyle. It was so inspiring to see so many local or family fun business. In Sudbury we’re filled with chain restaurants and stores that limit the chance for an authentic experience. 

The city of Toronto is absolutely stunning. from the gorgeous views of the CN Tower, the IMG_0122 (1)view from Toronto Island of the city over the water, to the little things like the gardens in High Park and the Graffiti artwork on street ways. As an art lover I instantly gravitate to any form of art. And let me tell you, the graffiti in Toronto is incredible. I know some people don’t believe that graffiti is artwork but let me tell you I IMG_0141sure do. Its amazing to think someone could do that with a spray can, were as I can barely paint with a paint brush! The views, the views, the views… As a country girl I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in the outdoors, cityscape or landscape, its all stunning to me. Toronto offers is both. Even deep in the city the various parks offer the beauty of the outdoors, making this town even more compelling to a girl like me.

IMG_0222IMG_0225In all, I can certainly say I fell in love with the city life of Toronto. It was so disheartening to come home but the fact that MTC is in less then 7 days keeps me going, knowing I’ll be back in the city of dreams. I learned so much about myself that week. I learned I was an adventurer that took joy in getting lost. I appreciated the little things like the bright lights at night, or the little ferry ride to Toronto Island. I stopped looking at my feet when I walked, and took a look at the beautiful world around me and boy, was it ever beautiful. My roots are filled with country loving, but in my heart I’m a true city girl. 

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love, Madison.

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